Human Design 101 – Energy Types, Inner Authority, Strategy

Beginners Guide to Human Design

It’s 2021 and chances are (especially as a millennial) that you are fascinated or even involved in some kind of spiritual practice. I, for example, always had a natural curiosity for astrology and all things supernatural or witchy. This Christmas I even wished for my own Tarot card set! For you it may be talking to ghosts, connecting to the Pleiadians, or outer body experiences through meditation.

Whatever your spiritual gem is, you probably heard of Human Design by now.  A system downloaded by Ra Uru Hu (née Alan Krakower) back in the 80s, it just now seems to enter the mainstream wellness world. And no wonder. With our outside world crumbling and ever changing (looking at you 2020!), we are looking for ways to make sense of it all as well as find stability within.

What is Human Design?

Human Design combines ancient wisdom like Astrology, the I Ching, the Chakras, the Kabbalah with modern science such as Quantum Physics and Genetics. It offers you insight into your unique makeup which in turn helps you to better understand yourself. All of these information are found in your personal chart, also called Body Graph, which is calculated using your birthdate, birthtime, and birth place (just like your astrology chart). 

It may sound like yet another one of these woo woo things but you will be surprised how accurate it actually is. I literally let out a huge sigh of relief when I read my chart, finally understanding why I acted and behaved the way I do. Characteristic traits and patterns I had pushed down before as I found them to be not what society expected from me, Human Design finally gave me the permission to accept and embrace as my uniqueness. It was just how I was designed to present myself to this world.

The 5 Energy Types

When looking at your chart, the first thing you are going to notice is your energy type – the way you are supposed to interact with, respond to, and exchange energy with the world. Understanding your type is the easiest way to start your HD journey. Because as you will find when diving deeper into the topic, to read your Human Design chart fully, you likely need another three years of educational studies. Luckily, there are a few Human Design experts out there, happy to assist you if you want to do a deep dive. In this blog post I will give you a quick overview of the most important terms and what they mean.

There are 5 energy types (originally four). Each come with their own set of strategy and authority and are also divided into energy and non-energy types.

Energy Types


Manifestors make up approximately 9% of the population. They are designed to be natural team leaders. Think visionaries who by unapologetically following their path naturally encourage others to go with them. I oftentimes think of Steve Jobs or Trump or even Influencers when I think about the Manifestor’s energy. As a manifestor, your life purpose is to impact the world and others without second-guessing yourself. You may repel some people along the way but that’s okay.

You are also not necessarily a team player but like to play according to your own rules. It’s important, though, that you inform before you act upon your ideas or visions. Thus, you are preventing too much resistance or suspicion from those around you. This doesn’t mean you have to ask for permission but simply let others now what you are planning. Once you’ve done that, you can act freely unlike all other energy types who need to wait for other people before making their first move.

Manifesting Generator

Manifesting Generators, often referred to as MGs, make up 32% of the population. MGs are naturally full of energy but only if they invest their time in things that light them up. If an MG just does something because he or she has to, he/she will soon become frustrated and burned out. Their strategy is to respond to life before putting their energy into something. This doesn’t mean that you have to wait around for someone to finally find you but rather by responding to something you read in a magazine or hear about. This response will show up in your body according to your authority. With an emotional authority you should to let the emotions run through you before you act. With a sacral authority you will receive an immediate ‘yes’ or ‘no’ feeling coming from deep inside your stomach area (more on that later).

As an MG, you are also naturally interested in many different things and that’s totally ok. No more beating yourself up for starting projects or hobbies and losing interest along the way (I’m an MG and I remember my parents giving me a hard time for not sticking to anything as a kid). You experience the most satisfying sleep when you used up all your energy (by doing things that light you up, of course) at the end of the day.

beginners guide to human design

36% percent of the population consist of Generators. A Generator’s strategy is to respond to life around them (similar to an MG). This allows their aura to work as a magnet, naturally drawing all the right people, opportunities etc. to the Generator. Their primary energy source – the sacral center – is so powerful that other people can’t but notice and call them out for it. Like MGs, Generators either have sacral or emotional authority. They have such a strong life force that they can go on and on, making them the busy bee workers of all the types.

They have to make sure to use up all their energy in a satisfying manner before going to bed in order to properly recharge overnight. If Generators fail to follow their strategy and authority, they won’t have full access to their powerful life force energy causing them to get stuck and frustrated with their lives. This may also feel like being a slave to everyone else and life in general. Society has taught us to initiate but this is only true for Manifestors. A Generator who pushes or forces life will never experience that deep satisfying feeling that is designed for him/her.

Non-Energy Types


Projectors make up roughly 22% of the population. A Projector needs to wait to be invited by either a Generator or a Manifesting Generator. As a non-energy being, they derive their energy from these types. They are not meant to hustle like a Generator or MG. Instead they should study and inform themselves so that they can guide those who invited them in. Even without the ability to generate energy themselves, they can access vast energy resources when accepting the right invitations and directing these energies correctly. If they don’t follow their strategy and inner authority, Projectors can experience serious exhaustion which will lead to illness and the feeling of bitterness towards life and people.

Four inner authority variations belong to the the Projector (emotional, splenic, self projected, ego projected) – more than for any other type. As a Projector you have the great ability to read energies and understand others because of your openness (I will talk about the centers in another blog post). Thus, you have the natural talent to guide others towards their unique gifts and talents, organize people, and network. You have a very strong aura and you always focus on the individual instead of the group (leave this to the Generators). Projectors sleep best when going to bed an hour earlier to fully unwind and relax (reading a good book, listening to music, or meditating).


Reflectors only represent 1% of the world’s population. The Reflector got his name from his reflective aura. They naturally reflect, resist or sample other auras. Like the Projector, Reflectors have the natural ability to read and understand other people. They have to wait a full lunar cycle to make decisions, though. Most experience mystic happenings because of their openness (just thinking about Jordan from the Balanced Blonde blog who sees people’s faces shape shift). As a Reflector, you should live in an environment (your home or community) that reflects sheer perfection back to you. It’s in your design to reflect other people back to them – just like a mirror – when you meet them. So, know what an impact you have on people and don’t be confused if people can’t handle you. In reality, they just can’t handle themselves.

Because of this unique ability, you are always perfectly blending in with your environment. This can sometimes lead to being overlooked by others. Know that this is just your natural way of protecting yourself from other people’s energies which can easily overwhelm you. As you are constantly reflecting auras, it can get difficult for you to know what is yours and what isn’t. This will take some practice to find out. You are also more affected by the planets than any other type. So watch out closely what’s going on above in the sky to understand your daily life down on earth.

What is Strategy?

Your strategy is the way you interact with other’s energy and is unique for each type. Applying your strategy correctly, helps you to make decisions that are more aligned with you.

  • Manifestor: To inform.
  • Generator/Manifesting Generator: Wait to respond.
  • Projector: Wait to be invited.
  • Reflector: To wait a lunar cycle (28-29 days).
what is Human Design

What is Authority?

Your inner authority is your trustworthy tool to make the best decisions for yourself. It offers you the content of never ever second-guessing yourself again anymore (wouldn’t that be a relief?!). So, what inner authority types are there and how can you best apply them to your life?

Emotional Solar Plexus

Do you know that feeling of being so excited about something that you want to dive right in? Yes? Me too! But for those of us with an emotional authority this is not the best way to make decisions. We are rather asked to sit out the natural ebb and flow of our emotions before committing to anything. So, you better learn to be patient as time is your best friend. Sleep on it and give yourself a few days to make that final decision.


We’ve all been given the advice before to listen to our gut first instead of our brain when making important decision. Well, this rings especially true for those with a sacral authority. Decisions are presented immediately by a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ feeling coming deep down from your stomach area. It will feel like your entire body is either pulled toward something or pushed away. If you have difficulties feeling the clear answer in your body, other people can assist you by posing clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions to you. The kind of: Do you want sushi or a buddha bowl for dinner? 


Whoa, props to you! You belong to the group that can make decisions the fastest. Your intuition is so sharp that you are immediately clear about what you want. But first, listen carefully to the signs your body gives you. It may only be a small whisper in your ear, a little tingly feeling in your body, or an immediate resonance with something. And then, when you feel it, run with the horses! 


I feel like most women hold this inner authority. But that’s probably not true. Because with a self-projected authority, you need to talk things out to receive clarity. In high school, I remember being highly annoyed by all the girls that constantly had to talk things out when (in my opinion) everything was crystal clear. Had I known what I know now, I would have been way more understanding towards them. For you, it’s important to surround yourself with people that simply listen instead of giving advice as you get the answer by saying things out loud. If this applies to no one in your inner circle, you can also journal, talk to a therapist/coach, or record your own voice. As soon as you realize the tone of your voice change, you know that your truth has emerged.


The ego oftentimes gets a bad rep in the wellness world but as an ego authority, you are officially allowed to be selfish (in a healthy way) when it comes to your decision-making. With an ego authority you always have to be brutally honest with yourself. Do I really have the energy to commit to xyz? Take some time for yourself to read, meditate or soak in an Epsom salt bath. Soon the answer will be clear. 


Some Reflectors and Projectors have no inner authority.

As a Projector, you need to be in a safe environment (or two or three) to talk things out with people you trust and don’t give you advice. Your truth will emerge naturally this way.

As a Reflector, you should wait a full month before making a decision. It can also help to talk things out in a safe environment. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to make a decision rather quickly (not so uncommon in our world), make sure to communicate your need for time and space and not be rushed. 

We only scratched the surface of Human Design in this blog post. But as the system is so complex, I wanted to give you a little glimpse into it without being too overwhelming right away. I promise you that the more you read about it and get familiar with everything, the clearer it will get. I suggest you start by looking up your chart (either visiting or and finding out about your energy type, strategy, and inner authority. Next, simply play around by incorporating more of your design into your life and see if you notice any differences. 

Journal about your experiences with Human Design

If it helps you, you can also journal about the changes you feel and experience in your day-to-day life. It may take a little practice to overcome all the conditioning you have picked up along your lifetime but once you realize how freeing it feels to just be yourself, you never want to go back.

Want to dive even deeper? Then make sure to check out Jenna Zoe’s Instagram page my.humandesign for easy digestible pieces of information.

Have you had experiences with Human Design so far? Let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to share this article with your family, friends or anyone who might benefit from it. 

Signatur Madeleine

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