The Best Workout For Your Zodiac Sign

the best workout for your zodiac sign

When I woke up today, an idea came to my head. What if your zodiac sign determines the way you should work out? The world wide web is filled with all kinds of suggestions based on your zodiac sign, from the way you should dress to the right hairstyle. I’m sure the universe also knows all about the best workout for your zodiac sign.

Astrology has experienced such a crazy boom in the last years, especially in the wellness world. And totally understandable. Somehow reading about your sun and moon sign and how it all ties together, is very intriguing. While diving into your daily or even monthly horoscope can offer you a fun little insight into what’s to come, remember to not take it too seriously.

First of all, our birth charts are so individual that a universal horoscope for your zodiac sign can never do it justice. And second, the best guide in your life will always be you.

Something I experienced first hand. No matter how many opinions I followed, they never lead me anywhere good. That is, until I finally started to listen to my intuition and what felt right to me.

Yes, I’m certain that the planets have some kind of influence on us and our life on earth. Everything is here for a reason and connected after all. But always ask yourself first what resonates with you and dismiss the rest.

With that said, I thought it might be fun to take the common character traits of each zodiac sign and see which workout style would fit best.

So, here we go:

best workout for aries


Character Traits: mostly known for it competitive and impatient side, overly confident, sometimes bossy, energetic, and caring

Workout: Cycling and HIIT

best workout for taurus


Character Traits: a little stubborn, lover of all luxurious things, romantic, loyal, dependable, supportive, can get lazy at times

Workout: Barre and outdoor movements like running or hiking

best workout for gemini


Character Traits: very curious, can sometimes appear two-faced, have to keep their hands busy, love to chat, easily overwhelmed

Workout: Group fitness classes and tennis

best workout for cancer


Character Traits: very emotional, need to feel secure, hypersensitive, nurturing to their closest friends and family, romantic, creative

Workout: Stand Up Paddleboarding or (SUP) Yoga

best workout for leo


Character Traits: loves to be the center of attention, sometimes overly dramatic, natural-born leader, very generous, protective, couraegous

Workout: Dance Classes or Zumba

best workout for virgo


Character Traits: neat-freak, detail-oriented, awesome communicator and listener, highly intelligent, loves to analyze, very critical, helpful, uptight, can be preachy

Workout: Pilates, Aerial Yoga, and anything outdoors

best workout for libra


Character Traits: lover of expensive things, despises unfairness, very social, does things on his/her own terms, can be spoiled, indecisive, hopelessly romantic

Workout: Barre or Aerial Yoga

best workout for scorpio


Character Traits: very intense, sometimes overly sensitive, moody, loyal, secretive, passionate, brave, manipulative

Workout: Kickboxing

best workout for sagittarius


Character Traits: adventurous, overconfident, open-minded, ambitious, tells it like it is, inspiring, optimistic, argumentative, sometimes a little preachy

Workout: Adventurous outdoor sports like hiking, kayaking, or ultra-marathons

best workout for capricorn


Character Traits: very loyal and reliable, hard workers, can get moody, devoted, fearless, cold, materialistic, family-minded, sometimes a little snobbish

Workout: Weight Lifting or Pilates

best workout for aquarius


Character Traits: very creative, humanitarian, live in their own world, original, authentic, irrational, desperate, out-of-touch, open-minded, fair

Workout: Trampoline and fusion classes

best workout for pisces zodiac sign


Character Traits: loyal friends, highly intuitive, very creative, compassionate, helpful, out of touch with reality, self-pitying, self-destructive

Workout: Swimming and Aqua Gymnastics

Do you already practice the workout style that I assigned to your zodiac sign or were you maybe inspired to try something new? Let me know!

Signatur Madeleine

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