How to quantum manifest your desired life

Recently I thought how much I miss the OG blogging days. You know where you were looking forward to your favorite blogger putting up a new post once or twice a week. Now with social platforms popping up all around, my overwhelm with the constant flood of information is real! I don’t know where to put my attention first. In turn, I also feel pressured to show up and share my content on each of these platforms. My mind is on constant overdrive with ideas of where to take the next breathtaking pictures for Instagram or what to do for this highly creative Reel. And don’t even get me started on TikTok.

Where along the road did I take the exit that derailed me away from my love for blogging? Looking back on the last 7 years I started a million blogs that I soon shut down again. And you know why? Because I felt overwhelmed, didn’t meet my expectations, and lacked inspiration. But where did all these ideas go that I had when I started?

Sometimes I wished this world would stop spinning so fast. Sometimes I feel like my head is somewhere up in the air going a million miles an hour, while my body begs it to slow down. Suddenly my dream, my soul calling of expressing myself creatively becomes a burden. Part of me wishes back the old days, while another part of me blames me for not listening to my inner voice sooner. 

But then I realize that it’s not the many social media platforms that have prevented me from becoming a fulltime blogger until now, nor any other outside force that I would like to make accountable. It’s my thought patterns.

Quantum leap into your desired reality

We humans are creators. I can create a post by putting my thoughts down on paper (or typing them on my laptop), but I can also create my reality by putting out the corresponding energy in form of thoughts. Me thinking that I missed the chance to make blogging (and as of lately podcasting) a career because the space is oversaturated, will create the life I’m dreading so much. A life where I’m bound to a monotone job. Where I have to get up every day and do the same thing over and over again. 

Belief after belief, excuse after excuse are piling up in my head that keep me small and prevent me of becoming the true version of myself. As Dr. Joe Dispenza says: We cannot change our lives until we change our energy, and we cannot change our energy until we change our daily habits. The Lion’s Portal announced it and I have felt the urge even stronger since then that something needs to change inside to create my desired outside. We are what we believe we are. According to quantum physics, the major part of our body consists of energy. Only 0,000000001 % of our body is matter. Imagine how crazy this is! It means that reality is what we think it is. Quantum manifestation means that everything we put energy towards becomes reality. 

But if it’s that easy that our thoughts create our reality, why do we still have a hard time living our desired life? Why doesn’t the Porsche appear outside my window when I think of it? Well, it’s seems it’s not that easy after all.

Thinking a thought is one thing, feeling it with every fiber of your body is a totally different story. You need to BELIEVE that you are this new version of yourself. It needs to be so engrained in your body that no other reality is possible.

A friend of mine just told me that Kim Kardashian said in an interview that she always wanted to be a reality star and that she would have done anything to get there. Yes, you read that right: ANYTHING. That’s what I call determination. She didn’t have a plan B. No. For her, there was no doubt that she would get there. That’s the kind of determination I talk about. You need to be so convinced of you and your dream’s possibility that you don’t even think about a backup plan. A backup plan is simply not an option. That’s where the magic happens. That’s when possibilities are lining up, doors are opening, and life is flowing. That’s when your life starts to align. 

On another note, obsessing over what you desire in your life will only lead you further away from it. Desperately wishing for something means you don’t believe that this whatever you wish for is not meant for you. You are acting out of fear instead of trust. Wishing for something, knowing it is already in your field, and then letting go of it, creates the energy that is the most magnetizing. I experienced situations where I put a mere thought of something out and minutes later it showed up in my world. It did so because I did not put an attachement to the thought. That’s where the real magic happens.

If you teach your mind to trust yourself, to listen to your heart, and to believe that everything that’s meant for your will show up in your life at the right timing, then you put out an energy of security and gratefulness. This high vibration will get out into the field and will attract the matching high vibration. And that’s when you quantum manifest.

I go a little bit deeper on the topic of quantum manifestation in this podcast episode. Make sure to check it out as well and then tell me in the comments what your number one dream is that you would like to quantum leap into. Let’s create our dream reality together!


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