Toddler Summer Travel Essentials

Summertime means travel time. And this year traveling with a toddler it’s even more special for us. Last year, we took the car to our annual summer vacay to the South of France. William was just 6 weeks old back then and slept most of the drive. This year, at 1 year and almost 2 months we decided that flying would be the better choice.

Traveling and summer vacation with a toddler is far different from traveling alone or as a couple. Thankfully, there a few things that make traveling way easier. Find all my favorites below:

summer toddler travel essentials. Everything you need for a carefree summer vacation with a toddler like travel buggy, floaties, iPad games, and snacks.

On the plane

iPad games – When all else fails, iPad games are a surefire way to keep your little one entertained. My mom always has several Candy Crush games. William also loves Talking Tom a lot. He will pet him constantly and giggles happily when he purrs. 

On the beach

On the go

Snacks and Quetschies – Total game changer when on the go and your kid is hungry. William loves the apple rice waffles, corn puffs and the veggies sticks. He is also a big fan of the cream of wheat quetschies by Freche Freunde. If all fails, I always have a banana in my bag too. Nothing puts more stress on traveling than a hungry kid. 

That’s my list of things I totally swear by when traveling with a toddler. If there is anything else you like to add, let me know in the comments below. Wishing you a great summer with lots of memorable moments!


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