We are having a Baby Boy 💙

gender reveal baby boy

Last Friday, the doctor confirmed what we’d expected all along: we are getting a baby boy! And a very healthy one. We couldn’t be more excited. I feel like it’s slowly getting real now. I don’t know about you but somehow I needed this certainty to finally dive into all the baby preparation. I’m just like that. Yes, I had already looked for strollers and nursery furniture but felt like I needed to know the gender for sure to start planning.

gender reveal baby boy flat lay
gender reveal baby boy photo ideas

Now, all we need is a bigger appartment. But I think this too will come in time. If getting pregnant taught me anything than that things will naturally come if you just let go. I hear so many stories of women wanting a baby but struggle to conceive. And here I am: pregnant with a healthy baby boy who just magically appeared (of course, there was some action taken by us 😉).

gender reveal baby boy instagram ideas
pregnant woman sitting in blue hippie dress underneath foil balloons spelling boy

Right now, I’m just focusing on myself and what feels good. Stressing out about things I can’t control are definitely not part of it. And most of the times, when we stay open, life will gift us things we could have never imagined in our wildest dreams!

Signatur Madeleine

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