Fit Friday: Fabulous Lower Abs Burn ❤ 10-minutes Pilates Core Moves

lower abs workout

Happy #FITFRIDAY ♡ I always love a good lower abs burn. I love to work my abs in general but I sometimes find it difficult to target the lower abs specifically. This all changed when I discovered Pilates. Like an entire new world opened up for me!

In Pilates you keep your core engaged throughout the entire workout. Core stability is not only to show off your abs but helps you a lot with day-to-day activities like lifting heavy stuff off the floor.

Today I’m sharing with you my favorite lower abs burn workout. These exercises can be done in 10 minutes. So put on your most fabulous activewear and meet me on the mat!

Pair with the Cutie Booty Workout and the Fabulous Inner Thigh Workout for a full body toning routine.

Let me know how fit & fabulous you feel afterwards #fabfitfam !

Signatur Madeleine

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