How to Stay Healthy in Quarantine

fit and healthy in quarantine

Being in quarantine for the last two months has flipped our lives completely. From having Zoom cocktail meetings with our friends to working from home, we had to get adjusted to a lot. Staying healthy in quarantine might not be on your mind right now, but it should.

If you’ve been a vivid gym-goer before, you probably also had to get used to working out from home. There is no lack in online offerings, that’s for sure. Is it just me or were we flooded by a virtual training/Instagram live workouts tusnami?!

I’ve been training with YouTube videos or on my own for a long time now. This works for me because I’m a certified trainer and a fitness lover at heart. No one needs to push me to work out, it just gives me life! But I have to say, even I was overwhelmed! Talk about the pressure to stay healthy in quarantine!

And then I went ahead and also started posting fitness videos on YouTube. Yes, I know. But honestly, I just saw the need for a shift in the online fitness world.

Many trainers still teach all the tried and true exercises such as squats and lunges without thinking about how damaging these movements can be for your knees. I’ve had so many people asking me what they can do instead to work their booty and legs. The lack of variety in the choice of exercises taught online is so sad to me.

Yoga is more za-zoom than zen

The same applies to the intensity of the workouts. Higher, wider, fast is the new normal. If I’m not drenched in sweat after my workout, it was not effective. Yes, the rise of yoga may paint a different picture but have you been to a 90-minute yoga class lately? It’s less zen than za-zoom!

No wonder these bitches are all so skinny! Flowing through the 10.000th sun salutation and only having half a vegan bar afterwards. Talk about a balanced lifestyle!

If I learned something in the past years working in the fitness and yoga industry, then just because it seems healthy, doesn’t mean it is healthy! Because too much of anything is simply this: too much.

Regular exercise boosts your immune system

Still, exercise is a great tool to stay healthy and boost your immune system. Something that’s especially important in times like these. But ONLY (read this again!) if you are listening to your body and not adding an additional layer of stress to it.

If this entire situation is already stressful enough as it is to you and working out is the last thing on your to-do list, then that’s totally fine. Walking around the block, playing with your kids or doing a few simple stretches before bed are just as beneficial.

girl with a green beach cruiser in front of a lake.
Moving out in nature is healthy for your body and mind.

I’m not the type of trainer that wants to force you to work out, I moreover want to help you rediscover the connection to your body. No matter what the industry experts or countless fitness influencers are saying out there, each and every one of us is unique and has a unique set of needs. The only one that knows best is YOU!

Once you’ve learned to follow your intuition, everything will fall into place naturally. And I’m here every step along the way to provide you with all the tools you need to become the happiest and healthiest version of yourself.

True health starts within

With all the distractions (minus the virtual ones) taken away from us, this is the perfect time to tune inside. To slow down and ask yourself if the way you moved your body before really feels good to you. Or is it just your ego pushing you towards something that’s not aligned at all?

So, how can you stay healthy in quarantine? It’s actually very simple: cut the outside noise to a minimum. Reconnect with yourself. What do I need right now? What is triggering me? Do I want to go on a run or do I rather feel like going on a light walk? It will feel weird at first but the more you practice it, the more relaxed you become.

No matter if your body longs for a good relaxing stretch or needs a nice little toning session, I got you covered!

Can’t wait to work out with you! 💕

Stay fit & fabulous!

Signatur Madeleine

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