How to dress black faux-leather leggings this Fall season

Happy Friday, guys! It feels so weird writing a blog post on how to style black faux-leather leggings for Fall when there are 22 degrees Celsius outside. I always wished for California weather here in Germany and now that I have it, I can’t really wrap my head around it. That’s how we humans are. We wish for something and when we have it, we still complain. But let’s get back to today’s look.

Cozy fall outfit with black leather leggings
How to style black leather leggings for fall

I feel like once September rolls around, we repurpose all the fashion trends of the year before. It may be a sense of nostalgia or just that plaid and pumpkin spice go so well with Fall that we wouldn’t want to have it any other way. So I found myself once again looking for a pair of black faux-leather leggings as my previous ones just didn’t stand the test of time and sadly had to go. There is something about these leggings paired with a cozy white sweater and some black boots that get my Fall girl heart every time. Once winter rolls around, I will happily add some UGG boots, my red Canadagoose coat, and a cashmere burberry scarf

Cozy autumn girl outfit with black leather leggings and booties

What I love most about these black faux-leather leggings is that you never run out of styling options. Wanting to spruce things up? Simply add a white long blouse and a chic blazer and some high heels or heeled overknees. Out for a cozy outside afternoon? A knitsweater, scarf and a beanie will do the trick. No matter the occasion, you will always feel dressed at your best. And I will literally live in mine all Fall/Winter long (hence why the last ones didn’t last long). 

For a winter-inspired look check out this blog post and tell me in the comments below how you will wear yours this season.


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