Easter Weekend Recap

Easter bunny cake

Happy Tuesday, loves! I hope you had a great Easter. We celebrated the first Easter with William and it was such a blessing. Even though my aunt and uncle couldn’t make it, we had friends over and Roman’s dad came to visit on Sunday. Mommy made her infamous eggnog and I created a delicious elderflower rhubarb cocktail for our BBQ on Saturday. I also had the most fun giving William’s pancakes a little Easter spin 🐰🥞.

The image shows the food we had over the Easter weekend like pancakes in form of a rabbit, a glass of champagne, grilled fish and asparagaus and an elderflower rhubarb cocktail.

We did our traditional Easter egg hunt in the backyard which lil William wasn’t so interested in. More in what the gold chocolate Easter rabbit tasted like 😉. And being pushed around on his truck by memaw. He still doesn’t really like crawling in the grass. Do you know this from your kids? I know I didn’t like sand on my hand and feet so maybe it’s in his genes haha.

The first Easter egg hunt with William in our backyard. He loved the gold chocolate rabbit and being pushed around on his truck by memaw.

After lunch we went to my parents’ friends’ house. They have a beautiful backyard right by the lake. We sat outside sipping champagne while the little one was happily playing with the dogs. I brought the travel bed just in case he would want to lay down for a nap. He chose to nap on me instead, something he hadn’t done since he was three months old. I realized once again how much my emotional wellbeing affects his. I was so happy and calm that day and his behavior reflected it right back to me. When we left to go home it was already 9.30 PM. Seriously guys, this was the first time he ever stayed up that late. But he was not the tiniest bit upset. Just happy being with us.

Easter fire by the lake

On Easter monday, he had the biggest sleep deficit, though. After a long breakfast, we went on a walk around a beautiful lake called Neuer See in Potsdam. He fell asleep in the car and continued sleeping through our entire time there. Asparagus season is in full swing here right now, so I really wanted to have lunch at one of the nearby asparugs farms. Without a reservation it was sheer impossible to get a table. The Easter weekend and the beautiful Spring weather had people up on their feet and out anr about. We then decided to go to one of our go-to Italian restaurants. Luckily, they also offered asparagus dishes.

Hope you also had a beautiful Easter weekend with your loved ones. If you are feeling a little low heading into this new work week, remember to carve out time for yourself. Do something that makes your heart sing. Sometimes it even helps me to take 10 minutes to stand in front of the open window, listening to the birds and taking deep and long breaths. It so important to always fill up your own cup first. You are a better mom, wife, friend or employer.

Wishing you a great rest of the week!

Signatur Madeleine

4 responses to “Easter Weekend Recap”

  1. What a beautiful Easter!!! It sounded perfect, from beginning to end. 🙂
    And the pics are just gorgeous!


    1. It really was! And thank you so much. Hope you also had a great Easter?


      1. I did! Our Easter was a bit simple this year, but it was perfect! 🙂


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