My Favorite Fall Finds

Happy November, y’all!

You are probaby wondering why I share my favorite Fall finds now that Halloween is over. To be honest, between starting a new job, being a full-time working mom now, and taking care of an almost 6 months old, life has been a little crazy. To say the least.

So yes, why everyone else is already talking about Christmas decor, here I’m sharing the things I’m falling for this Fall.

But even if you belong to the people that put their Christmas tree up the minute Halloween is over, you may get some inspo for your Thanksgiving table or you like to mix and match the two seasons. I mean, why not! We had breakfast on our Christmas plates on Monday while still having up spider webs on the wall. It’s 2021 after all. If the last two years taught us something then that anything is possible.

Pumpkin Casserole Dish – perfect to host a Thanksgiving dinner this year

Pumpkin Candle Mug – how cool is this? First a candle and then you can enjoy your PSL out of it.

Fall Tea Towel – perfect Fall vibes for the kitchen

Pumpkin Cakelette Pan – I can literally smell the pumpkin muffins

Fall doormat – great your fellow witches and wizards in style

LED Pumpkin – perfect to decorate the front porch

Blue Glass Pumpkin Light – can see myself put this on my beach-inspired Thanksgiving table this year

Fall Pillow Set – so cozy to lounge on with a cup of tea while watching the leaves fall

See you over on the gram for some behind the scenes mom fun!


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