Cozy Velvet Pink Sweatsuit

velvet pink sweatsuit

Happy Sunday, guys! Today I experienced crazy hunger pangs again. The last time I felt this way was right before Christmas. That’s also when my bump grew the most. Probably about time again 🙂 Sometimes I wonder if I’m even pregnant because I can’t really say that my food intake has increased that much. But when these hungry days strike, you better think I like to wear something cozy but also (always the Virgo) cute and presentable. Luckily, sweatsuits have gotten a major upgrade the last year with all of us being stuck at home.

First, I thought about opting for the classic grey or beige ensemble. But once Christmas is over, I feel the need to add more pastel colors to my wardrobe. So, when I found this cute pink sweatsuit, I immediately knew that it was a winner! Call me crazy or not (or just call me the fashion witch :-D) but I already had a feeling last year that velvet suits would make a comeback soon. And et voilá, suddenly you see Kim Kardashian adding them to her line and other celebrities rocking Juicy Couture again.

rosa velvet sweatsuit
comfy pregnancy loungewear
how to style glitter ugg boots
how to style a velvet sweatsuit

I can’t say I’m mad about it as I never lost my love for them. I even still own one of my first Juicy Couture ensembles! And you know they are just perfect to have some fun in the snow, meet your friends for a cozy virtual coffee date, and yes for all my mommas-to-be out there.

pink velvet joggers with cropped sweatshirt

Alright, I’m feeling another hunger pang striking again. Let me know your two cents about velvet sweatsuits in the comments below while I go to the kitchen to get something to eat. Ben & Jerry’s vegan peanut butter ice cream sounds just right about now!

Signatur Madeleine

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