fitness girl stretching

I started this blog because I wanted people to find joy and happiness through fitness, food, and fashion. Being fit and healthy doesn’t mean that you have to look a certain way, it is more about feeling a certain way. Life is so much more than just the ‘perfect’ body size. I’m not here to tell you, what exercises to do or what to eat to get fit and healthy. I’m here to give you the tools so that you are finding your own way.

I know that starting your personal fitness and health journey can feel very overwhelming with so much information out there. Trends are changing constantly. Today it’s the keto diet, tomorrow intermittent fasting, and in between all of that you also have your daily life (friends, family, career) to care about.

I’m here to show you the pathway. To help you find your unique way. Just because someone feels incredible on a vegeterian diet, doesn’t mean it is the right choice for you. Turning inward to listen to what your body tells you, is the most important thing to being the best version of yourself.

How I know that? Because I’ve been in a vicious food and fitness circle since I was 14 years old! Jumping on every new and promising diet and exercise regime I could get my hands on.

I was never satisfied with my body.

I constantly denied myself certain foods or food at all.

I beat myself up after every ‘bad’ food choice I made

I developed a very sensitive gut.

I didn’t get my period anymore.

I lost hair.

I was constantly tired and felt foggy.

My stress levels were through the roof because I was worrying about what to eat and how it would affect my body, fearing that I would gain weight again. My entire day revolved around food and fitness, but in a very unhealthy way. I lost my joy for life and I lost the ability to enjoy food.

Talking to many women, I realized that I was not the only one who had this unhealthy behavior. It is time for us women to stop the obession with our bodies and finally be proud of who we are. Stop comparing and start cherishing your uniqueness!

We are in this together!