Hi, I’m Madeleine and I currently live in Berlin, Germany. I’m a true Berlin City Girl but moved to the South of Germany to live together with my boyfriend Roman (also the man behind all the wonderful photos) for a few years. Then our little prince William joined the fam and we decided to move back to be closer to our parents.

I’m a sun sign Virgo, moon sign Libra, and rising sign Virgo (talk about double trouble Virgo :D). So, I can be a little overly perfectionist at times and just love to have everything in order. But I also have a strong sense for equality and love to help and support people.

Growing up, I always wanted to be a fashion editor. You could find me flipping through fashion magazines hours on end. I would cut out everything that inspired me and collected it in a journal (my very first version of a non-virtual blog).

Bored out of my mind during college (I picked economics as a creative), I started experimenting with blogs. It would take another few years and the founding of my company FABSOUL® – a natural and eco-friendly activewear line – back in 2017 for me to actually follow my dream and get serious about blogging.

luxury travel inspiration

Always the overall creative, I taught myself how to do graphic design and am now doing freelance work for clients as well as planning events. My second big passion is movement! It‘s the perfect balance to sitting and writing all day. Since I‘m loving yoga, Pilates, and stretching but couldn‘t find a workout that combined all three, I created my own method FABSOUL Fitness which I now teach to private clients as well as in online classes.

morning yoga is a gentle way to wake up your body

When I was pregnant with William I finally went after another big dream of mine and started my podcast. On there I talk about how I‘m finding my way in this life by following my soul‘s calling as well as interviewing people that have inspiring journeys of their own. It‘s the biggest fulfillment ever as I love talking and connecting to people. Mercury is my home planet after all.

You see, my life is as colorful as my clothes 🙂 You only live once (at least knowingly) so why not explore everything that life has to offer? If you are also the ever-curious person who can’t get enough of fitness, healthy & delicious food, luxury fashion, travel mixed with a little wellness & spirituality and lately also mom life, you definitely came to the right place.

Life is too short to not feel fabulous every day!