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Hi, I’m Madeleine and I currently live in Berlin, Germany. I’m a true Berlin City Girl but moved to the South of Germany to live together with my boyfriend Roman (also the man behind all the wonderful photos) for a few years. Then our little prince William joined the fam and we decided to move back to be closer to our parents.

I’m a sun sign Virgo, moon sign Libra, and ascendant in Virgo (talk about double trouble Virgo :D). So, I can be a little overly perfectionist at times and just love to have everything in order. But I also have a strong sense for equality and love to help and support people.

Growing up, I always wanted to be a fashion editor. You could find me flipping through fashion magazines hours on end. I would cut out everything that inspired me and collected it in a journal (my very first version of a non-virtual blog).

Bored out of my mind during college (I picked economics as a creative), I started experimenting with blogs. It would take another few years and the founding of my company FABSOUL® – a natural and eco-friendly activewear line – back in 2017 for me to actually follow my dream and get serious about blogging.

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Always the overall creative, I taught myself how to do graphic design and am now doing freelance work for clients as well as planning events. Last year, I also got my fitness trainer certificate

You see, my life is as colorful as my clothes 🙂 You only live once (at least knowingly) so why not explore everything that life has to offer? If you are also the ever-curious person who can’t get enough of fitness, healthy & delicious food, luxury fashion, travel mixed with a little wellness & spirituality and lately also mom life, you definitely came to the right place.

Life is too short to not feel fabulous every day!