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  • I’m back! Introducing the all renewed podcast

    Hello, hello, hello, guys! Wow, I never expected I would be away for so long. Yes, I posted a blog post here and there but I wasn’t really THERE. Now I am and it all started two weeks before the Lion’s Gate Portal on 08/08 on what it felt like a very dark day. But […]

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    Toddler Summer Travel Essentials

    Summertime means travel time. And this year traveling with a toddler it’s even more special for us. Last year, we took the car to our annual summer vacay to the South of France. William was just 6 weeks old back then and slept most of the drive. This year, at 1 year and almost 2 […]

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  • William’s Royal Carnival 1st Birthday Party

    Can you believe William turned 1 on 05/05/2022 already? I can’t! It seems just like yesterday that he crawled out of my belly and turned our entire life upside down. You know I just had to turn his first birthday party into something special. Also I just LOVE planning a good party! I think I […]

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    Easter Weekend Recap

    Easter bunny cake

    Happy Tuesday, loves! I hope you had a great Easter. We celebrated the first Easter with William and it was such a blessing. Even though my aunt and uncle couldn’t make it, we had friends over and Roman’s dad came to visit on Sunday. Mommy made her infamous eggnog and I created a delicious elderflower […]

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  • Intuitive Parenting

    You know I’m all about intuition. And since becoming a parent, listening to my intuition has become so much more important. I remember how lost I felt the first few weeks even months after Williams birth. I was beyond scared to screw things up, to mess up his life for good. Who was I after […]

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