Why my niche is not having a niche

Hello beautiful people, today I’m finally writing to you again. To be honest, it makes me so sad that I don’t get around sharing on here on a regular basis. I really LOVE blogging. I’ve always loved blogging. Even back when the first blogs emerged, I wanted to become a blogger. That’s actually what I always wanted to be. Okay, first I wanted to be an editor at a fashion magazine but as soon as blogs became I thing, I knew I wanted to be part of the game.

More than 10 years later and I started a thousand blogs but never really managed to make it my full-time career. And why? Because I couldn’t get myself to stick to just to one topic. One day I’d decide I be a fashion blogger, the next day I thought ‘fitness and health is more my thing’. And so I started and stopped, started and stopped over and over again. The funny thing is, no matter what direction I turn or what job I’m doing, I always come back to blogging. Sharing myself through media is just in my DNA I guess. But how to stand out in this nowadays oversaturated industry if not having a niche?

Well, that’s where my co-worker came in the other day and said: Why don’t you make your niche not having one? Why don’t you just be open about not being able to stick to one thing but rather being interested in many different things and trying them out? Take your readers along. Share what worked for you and what didn’t. GENIUS! Why didn’t I have this idea earlier?! This way I get to do what I love most: try out new things and write about it (or talk about it on the pod).

So what can you expect from the blog from this day on? Lots of things! Be ready to dive deep with me into my colorful world. This life has so much to offer and it would be a waste to not experience it all, don’t you think? I just can’t wait to take you along on the ride.

Tell me below what you think about it? Are you up for reading and hearing about me trying out new things?

Love you to the moon and back! And don’t forget to listen to my latest podcast episode on trying out things to try them out.

Why I’m trying out to try out Fabsoul with Madeleine Stanev

Welcome to another episodes, my lovely Fabsouls! Today on the pod I talk about how I never manage to stick to things continuously. Hence why I never upload a new episode every week. It’s something I struggle with tremendously and that often puts me down. But then I had a very eye opening conversation with my colleague and she showed me whole different perspective on the whole ‘trying out things to try them out’ method. It’s simply genius and has taken so much pressure off of me.  If you are also multi passionate like me and never seem to stick to things long term because you get bored easily, then this episode is for you! Life has so much to offer, why not explore it all! Let’s connect some more: Website: http://www.madeleinestanev.com Instagram: @madeleinestanev YouTube: @madeleinestanev Pinterest: @madeleinestanev

2 responses to “Why my niche is not having a niche”

  1. I completly agree! Not having a specific niche used to stress me out too ! I loved it when you said: “try out new things and write about it”. Life is about experiences!


    1. I‘m glad it resonates with you. It seriously took so much stress off me. Now I‘m just exploring and enjoying. Feels like being a little kid again😊

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