Healthy Meals for a 9 months old

9 months old baby boy sitting in a high chair smiling

Happy Food Friday,

never done this one before but just thought about introducing this series. What do you guys think? I just found this posts scrolling through my drafts and didn’t want to leave it unpublished. So here we go. William is obviously not 9 months anymore but going strongly onto turning 2 in May (like where has the time gone 😭). If you guys are interested I will share what he needs now in a different blog post. But now onto this one:

For today‘s edition I thought I‘d share a little bit about what meals I prepare for my 9 (almost 10 😱) months old very hungry caterpillar.

Before I had William, I thought I would make everything from scratch. Then I started working again and time became limited. So for the first couple of months of introducing solids into his life, food glasses it was. But then I realized how pricey buying pre-prepared food can be. Now we arrived somewhere in the middle. I still buy pureed fruits for his breakfast. For all the other meals, I actually make something myself.

He is not a picky eater, really but he surely is a gourmet (hello Taurus spirit!). The bottled mashs were not entirely up his tastebuds. Thus, I started cooking fresh veggies and pureeing them using my beloved NutriBullet. Seriously guys, this kitchen gadget has been a gem! Highly recommend even without having kids.

Right now he gets three meals and two bottles of milk per day. For breakfast, he usually has Holle baby cereal with coconut milk, half a banana and some pureed fruits. For lunch, he loves mashed potatoes with carrots and a little feta cheese mixed in. For dinner, he either gets mashed potatoes again or I mix some whole wheat oats with veggie puree (usually sweet potatoes, carrots, and zucchini). Every now and then he also has a chicken wiener on the side.

We give him one bottle in the morning right after he wakes up and one in the afternoon around 3 PM. Since I‘m not breastfeeding anymore and most of my frozen milk supply is used up, I switched to unsweetened coconut milk. He loves it!

On the weekend, when we make pancakes, he gets his own little pancake which he absolutely loves. I always top it with the chocolate spread from Lini’s Bites as it has only three ingredients and is refined sugar free. Absolutely in love with that brand and William luckily likes it too!🤩 I‘m also thinking about introducing him to pasta soon. Cooking them very soft, adding pureed veggies and a little feta cheese. More good options would be polenta or soft cooked cous cous.

And for those of you who are wondering: yes, William eats meat (see above). But since I‘m not a big meat eater myself, I‘m naturally not offering him as much. I would never keep him from any food group though as I‘m a firm believer that he must decide for himself what he likes or dislikes. Cow milk on the other hand is not an option for me. I just don‘t believe that us humans should consume milk from another (especially way bigger) animal.

That’s it so far. I think as he grows older, we will introduce him to more food groups and I’m excited to see what he will like or dislike. One thing I can tell for sure for now, he is a sweet tooth like Mommy and Daddy 😍.

What do your 9 months old eat. I’m always so excited to connect with other moms about that stuff! Love you guys!


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