Life Update + 2023 Roundup

Happy belated New Year or if you are a spirit junkie like me than happy energetic New Year which always starts February 1st. And since I‘m living to my own flow, I‘m always doing things a little differently.

I‘m actually right back at the place where I started writing a traditional New Year post for you guys: Mallorca. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that we spent NYE on the island having some much needed downtime after a very tumultuous second half of the year. December was especially stressful with moving into our own space, work, taking care of a toddler, and all the usual holiday stuff going on. My soul was beyond ready to get out, get to the ocean, and just BE. We happened to have so much luck with the weather as it was sunny and around 20 degrees Celsius the entire time. I felt how my batteries recharged and how I gained clarity around what I wanted 2023 and beyond to look like. Did an entire deep dive on this on the pod so make sure you give a listen.

During our last stay here I already manifested that we would come back in February. And here we are at exactly the time I planned on in my head. Manifestation has always looked a little different for me (like so many things in life). No matter how much I tried doing it according how other people suggested it would work, it never did. For me, I have to decide without a doubt that something is going to happen for me and it sure will. If I feel the slightest doubt in my bones and let this doubt grow bigger and bigger, it will definitely not. Thus, sometimes it takes longer for me to manifest things as I first need to be very uncomfortable with something before I decide it is enough and am finally ready to do everything in my power to change it. That‘s when the magic happens.

A few days before we left for our trip I also decided that the time has come to finally get out of my current job. I felt deep, deep inside that I can‘t take it one more day. Everything inside me is screaming for a change. So, I‘m also taking this vacation as a time to find my path to work freedom. Until then I will for once switch things up, be present in the moment, don‘t feel the need to do anything to get somewhere but instead follow what lights me up each day and experience the world through curious eyes. Will definitely let you know how my experiments goes.

Also make sure to check out my latest YouTube video which I already uploaded in November and actually recorded in 2021. But yeah, as I said, doing things a little differently around here and not how it‘s supposed to be done 😀

And of course make sure to check out all the latest podcast episodes. There are literally sooo good and I‘m having so many more good ones up my sleeve. Also a few special guests in the lineup I‘m excited to share with you guys.

Hope you all had a good 2023 so far and that it will continue to be filled with health and happiness and everything you wish it will be!


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