How to style faux-leather leggings Pt 2

Happy Hump Day, guys! I’m so bad at posting consistently lately. Life just has been a whirlwind. We actually finally found an apartment and are moving in December. I haven’t been too excited about it that’s also why I haven’t shared anything so far. Will elaborate more on it on the podcast soon. But the one thing I’m definitely excited about is that I get to have my very own creative space. I’ve wished for a room where I could shoot Youtube content, write my blog, and record podcast episodes ever since I realized that being some kind of content creator is my ultimate soul calling. So yes, on paper it couldn’t be more perfect. But deep inside something feels off. And sooner or later it will be revealed why, of that I’m certain.

Roman and I also attended our first therapy session but I think that’s also a topic more fitting for the podcast because as much as I like writing, speaking is my jam and the way I process things more deeply and are able to share more rawly. Another reason why I lack consistency is due to my body simply not having the pushing anymore. I told you guys how much I’ve been suffering from stomach issues, plus my recent lack of appetite and hunger. It felt like the more I pushed myself to get my creative side hustles going, the less my body was having it.

Mommy and me Fall outfit boy fashion

So instead of my usually Virgo-good-girl strategy of just pushing through, making lists and sticking to them, or simply ignoring my intuition, I decided to switch it up and JUST LET GO. The story of my life, honestly. And man, has it been hard. I’ve pushed myself so much the last few years to stick to a routine that I believed woul lead me to my desired outcome that the act of letting go or going against it takes immense willpower. But each time I feel tempted to fall back into my old patterns (funny when you think about it), I consciously pull myself back into the present moment and remind myself that it didn’t take me anywhere but further away from myself and my truth. I’ve been desperately wishing for flow. So much so that I forgot that flowing happens when I live not when I force. As an MG I have these truly magnetic abilities. But only if I trust my gut feeling and act accordingly. As soon as my head intervenes, I’m screwed.

So here I‘m going against everything I‘ve been practicing over the last few years. It feels exciting and very uncomfortable at the same time. Each time I let go and do whatever feels good to me, I feel guilty. There is a mean voice creeping up inside of me that tells me that I will never reach my goals if I choose chocolate over salad, don’t get up at 5 AM to work out every day or don’t share blog posts/podcast episodes at least once a week every week. I’m already lacking consistency being inconsistent. But as a friend just said to me: life is a game. And that’s how I want to approach it. 

Fall outfit with faux-leather leggings and green coat
Mommy and boy Fall outfit

Ok, now let’s get to the main reason why I’m writing this blog post today: because I wanted to share another faux-leather leggings outfit with you. I’m just obsessed with my faux-leather leggings this Fall season. There are chic yet comfy and always so versatile. This time I styled them with this really cool Desigual coat a friend of my mom’s gave me when she was cleaning out her closet. I just love the green hues of it so much. Combined with the leggings and black boots it makes the perfect Fall outfit you can wear to work, after work drinks or your weekend shopping spee. And it’s the ultimate cool mom outfit too!

How to style green coat for Fall
How to style leather leggings for Fall
Green trench coat Fall outfit

This will probably be the last Fall content here on the blog. I can‘t wait to get into the Christmas spirit with you. I also feel very inspired to get back into my annual Vlogmas game. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and turn the notification bell so you don‘t miss out.

Speaking of YT, what do you think about the new short videos? I feel like it’s just another platform to jump on the TikTok success wagon. In my opinion, every social media channel should stick to their core strength. That’s what makes each channel so unique and what makes me come back to them. If all of them only focus on short videos then where is the fun and variety? Love to hear your opinions in the comments below.


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