I’m back! Introducing the all renewed podcast

Hello, hello, hello, guys! Wow, I never expected I would be away for so long. Yes, I posted a blog post here and there but I wasn’t really THERE. Now I am and it all started two weeks before the Lion’s Gate Portal on 08/08 on what it felt like a very dark day. But let’s start from the beginning.

I had just argued with my boyfriend, my career was nowhere near of what I‘ve dreamed of, and I was living back with my parents. With a kid and all. Everything I never wanted happened. Like someone took my dreams and said I will give you the exact opposite until you realize that I have far greater plans for you. But first you need to let go and trust.

I‘m a Leo south and Aquarius north node so I came in here with that queen vibe (yep, I‘ve always known I‘ve been a queen in my previous life). But I didn’t come here to be the queen again. My soul’s mission on this life’s journey is to learn how to give my gifts to others. I‘m here for the community.

Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom to see the top

This is incredibly hard for me. And I guess I had to take several set-backs to finally come to terms with it. As they say, sometimes you need to be at the bottom to finally see how to get to the top. And that‘s what I realized one morning standing besides the bathtub as I got ready for work.

Is this entire manifestation thing all bullshit, I thought to myself. I don‘t know. All the success stories seem to prove differently. I moreover think different people have different lessons to learn. People that experienced many resistances in their previous life are supposed to learn to stand up for their needs. Once they learned that, life will flow again. These are the people that experience great results with manifestation or buckling up to work their way to whereever they want to go.

And then there are people like me that were very blunt and fighted their way forward being rewarded with the crown. That now came here to let go and trust. That they are not here to be at the top again but to be of service to the collective and find their happiness and freedom and piece in that.

Going after your dream may look different for everyone

People are always talking about going after your dream, grinding away, not resting until you reached it. Never found this to work for me. The more I grinded the less I received. The more I wished the less I got. 

It’s a test if I‘m ok with whatever he has planned for me. Funnily enough, when I let go, I receive everything more perfectly than I could ever imagine. Our imagination doesn‘t do justice what God has planned for us. It can‘t even come close because we can‘t grasp what‘s possible.

As soon as this realization came, a lightbulb went off and I realized how I could use my Leo south node vibes to help with my Aquarious north node. I realized that my innate gift is using my voice for healing. I knew I wanted to podcast but I never knew the topic. I knew I wanted to get back to my spiritual and esoteric being but I never knew how. Now I know. Now I know that by combinding podcasting with my deep longing to help people to find back to themselves and ultimately experience true happiness, I would be on the right path.

And funnily enough, things started to line up. Life flowed in the most beautiful ways. But go listen for yourself.

Listen to the Fabsoul Podcast on iTunes, Spotfy, TuneIn, Soundcloud, and many more.

Why I’m trying out to try out Fabsoul with Madeleine Stanev

Welcome to another episodes, my lovely Fabsouls! Today on the pod I talk about how I never manage to stick to things continuously. Hence why I never upload a new episode every week. It’s something I struggle with tremendously and that often puts me down. But then I had a very eye opening conversation with my colleague and she showed me whole different perspective on the whole ‘trying out things to try them out’ method. It’s simply genius and has taken so much pressure off of me.  If you are also multi passionate like me and never seem to stick to things long term because you get bored easily, then this episode is for you! Life has so much to offer, why not explore it all! Let’s connect some more: Website: http://www.madeleinestanev.com Instagram: @madeleinestanev YouTube: @madeleinestanev Pinterest: @madeleinestanev
  1. Why I’m trying out to try out
  2. Why A ‚Healthy Lifestyle‘ Is Not Always Healthy
  3. How to Overcome Fear & Live the Life of your Dreams in 2023
  4. My first Experience with Therapy, Guilty Conscience +Saying Goodbye to 2022
  5. Life Update: Why I took a break, mercury retrograde + kids as spiritual teachers

It’s feels very vulnerable to open up like this but it also feels so freeing. Can’t wait to go on this exciting journey with you.


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