Intuitive Parenting

You know I’m all about intuition. And since becoming a parent, listening to my intuition has become so much more important.

I remember how lost I felt the first few weeks even months after Williams birth. I was beyond scared to screw things up, to mess up his life for good. Who was I after all to have everything it takes to be a good parent? The pressure was real!

So I naturally turned to every source I could find to help me figure out how I was supposed to fill this new role as a mom. But with every YouTube video I watched or blog post I read, I became more anxious. The overwhelm of information and techniques other parents used to raise their kids left me even more uncertain. I would constantly second guess my decisions and reactions. It drove me crazy.

And then I stopped. And just listened. Listened to what my heart was saying. What my gut feeling told me to do when he was crying or not sleeping. And suddenly it all made sense. Suddenly we were in union. Dancing the beautiful dance of mother and son in harmony.

The moment I calmed down, he became calmer. The frequent crying stopped and he turned into this happy little guy that was always smiling. And then after almost 8 months I realized: God did choose me to become a mom because he knew that I would be the best option for my child!

little baby boy playing on the kitchen floor and laughing into the camera wearing a blue and white striped onesie

Nature doesn’t make mistakes. It does everything exactly as it’s supposed to be and in exact timing. Something I realized again when we were slowly approaching the stage of weaning off milk.

I never bought into the 6-months-rule. I always thought I wanted to breastfeed him as long as it felt good for the two of us. And then without further thinking about it, without pushing him or just taking it away because someone said so, it happened.

There was this very tiny voice inside of me that told me it was time now. He wouldn’t need it anymore. So I just put him to bed without his dream milk. And he slept and slept and slept until the next morning. I did it again and again. And when I offered him some to soothe him once, he didn’t want it. So I knew the time had come.

And I was once again surprised how effortlessly nature takes care of things. How easy life can be. That it is us humans that make everything so complicated because we have this urge to control.

Life is not hard. It’s easy. Just let go. Everything happens in divine timing.


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