The first holiday season with a newborn

young girls sits in front of the fireplace with a little baby

Are you also already in the Christmas cheer? The minute Halloween was over, we got our Christmas plates out (as you probably saw on Instagram). I used to wait at least until Thanksgiving before I put away all the Fall stuff and got out the Christmas decor. But since the pandemic hit, time got a little more precious to me. Why wait when life can change in the blink of an eye?

This year, the holidays are even more special as we get to celebrate with our newest and cutest addition to the fam. He may not grasp what’s going on yet (besides looking in awe at all the twinkle lights) but to us it’s definitely the season to remember.

On Sunday, we decorated the entire house and it turned out to be such a cozy day. We started the day listening to the Peaceful Christmas Piano Playlist. It’s my all time favorite Christmas playlist. So soothing. It instantly gets you in a cheerful mood. Listened to it a lot when I was pregnant last year.

You know I couldn’t help myself but order some Christmas clothes for William. He looked so cute in his holiday PJ’s and matching Snowman socks munching on his morning oatmeal.

We then got ready and started decorating while having the playlist on blast throughout the entire house. William clearly enjoyed the atmosphere too as he was all chilled and even took an almost 3 hour afternoon nap.

When I nursed him to sleep, I felt so grateful for this peaceful day and for my amazing family. Living in a pandemic for the last two years made me appreciate the little things in life so much more. I don’t care about fancy things as much anymore (ok, I will always love luxury things) but really cherish the moments I get to spend with family and friends and especially with my little one.

I of course captured the day on camera for you guys, so that I can share the cheerfulness with you.

But even after this day, the magic continued. I think I’ve never experienced the holiday season so intensley like I did this year. I was very much in a Christmas mood last year during pregnancy but this year it’s a whole other story. Mom and me watched Hallmark holiday movies every day with the fireplace on and a hot chocolate with marshmallows in hand.

Another Sunday when Roman was visiting we took our holiday pictures while sipping champagne. It was just perfect 🤩

Young blonde girl and brown-haired boy with their little baby boy

Then Christmas Eve arrived and even though Roman didn’t arrive until later that night, we still had a very festive time. I made William gingerbread pancakes for brekkie. Afterwards we all sat in the kitchen (including my aunt and uncle who came a day before) with a glass of champagne while Mom prepped our traditional Christmas lunch: sausage with potato salad.

young girl sits with a little baby boy next to a beautiful Christmas tree decorated with toys and red, white, and green ornaments.
young girl and boy sit with their little baby boy in an armchair in front of a Christmas tree and smile into the camera

The day passed by so fast and suddenly it was time pick up Roman. We kept William awake so that we could all unwrap the Christmas presents together. It were so many that he was a little bit overwhelmed and of course also ovetired. We didn’t get to unwrap everything before we had to get him to bed.

Christmas dinner table with shrimps, salmon, and foie gras

The next two days we spent hanging around, eating the most delicious food, sipping lots of champagne and playing with William and his new toys. It was a blast to say the least! But honestly, I’m looking forward to Roman being here next year.

What do you love most about the holiday season? And how did you spend Christmas this year?

Signatur Madeleine

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