The Nitty Gritty About Babywearing

babywearing with a sling

Let’s talk babywearing. If you have a very clingy baby like I do, then you definitely know a thing or two about babywearing. If not, let me explain.

Babywearing is most commonly practiced in Africa, Asia, and South America. Actually everywhere besides our Western highly modernized world. Like when did we stop listening to our instincts and instead giving so much value to science? Especially when it comes to humand needs? We are all unique. Just because a study was conducted in a specific setting, doesn’t mean its outcome is applicable to everyone.

the benefits of babywearing

But let’s get back to why babywearing is so beneficial.

What is babywearing?

Babywearing menas you are wearing your child on your body, either in a sling or a carrier. The baby is facing you, hearing your heartbeat and your voice. Your baby feels like in your womb. Safe and cosy.

Because imagine being close to your mom for 9 months and then suddenly get taken away and put in a stroller, swing or whatever. I can only imagine how lonely a newborn must feel in this wide world without the familiar motherly warmth surrounding it. Having your baby close to you in the first few months only feels natural.

The benefits of babywearing

Additionally, babywearing has many more benefits. The first one being quite obvious: you are free to do whatever you like while knowing that your baby is safe and happy. You can also go places a stroller can’t. Like going on a hike or taking a walk on the beach.

babywearing is a great low impact workout

Secondly, babywearing is very beneficial for baby’s spinal development. Properly wearing your baby will avoid cranial and spinal deformitites. It’s also said that it helps with digestion and colic. Many moms report that their baby cried less when carried around.

why babywearing is beneficial
babywearing with a sling

You see babywearing is definitely something you should try no matter if you have a cry baby or not. I’m always a big proponent of things that have been successfully practiced for ages. I love the sling by Manduca but there are also many great carriers out there.

Have you tried babywearing?

Signatur Madeleine

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