Prenatal Feel Good Movement

prenatal feel good movement gentle yoga and stretching

I just LOVE physical exercise. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a Manifesting Generator and a Virgo (sun and rising!) but health and wellness is just part of my DNA. You can’t imagine how weird it felt during my first trimester when my energy levels where so low that any form of movement (besides short walks around the block) were out of the picture. Luckily, I returned back to my old self pretty soon afterwards.

Before pregnancy my workout program would consist of jogging, HIIT training, yoga, and stretching. My motto was: the harder the better. I would constantly push myself, even during yoga and stretching. Two forms of movement that should actually serve as recreation for your body. But the Type A personality I am, I just couldn’t let go. You could say becoming pregnant changed everything for me!

Suddenly, I was forced to listen to my body. I was no longer responsible soley for me but also for another life growing inside of me. I had the biggest aha moment during my usual yoga class. The teacher lead us through Sun Salutation A and instructed us to keep our knees bend throughout all of the asanas. Something she regularly told us but that I had never really listened to before. This time I did and OMG did it feel amazing! For the first time, I let my perfectionism go and just felt into my body. It was like I discovered yoga for the first time even though I have been practicing for almost 10 years now.

prenatal feel good yoga flow

Being in downdog with my knees bend and my back nicely stretched, my mind also seemed to relax, making room for new ideas to flood in. What if exercise didn’t have to be hardcore, painful, or super sweaty all the time? What if I didn’t have to look like the Insta yoga model but was just perfect the way I am? Wouldn’t moving my body in a fun and enjoyable way create a way healthier and happier version of myself?

Thinking about this and letting go of all the conditioning I picked up around exercise over the years, left a feeling of pure happiness and freedom. I immediately knew I wanted to share this newfound wisdom with the world. So the next day, I rolled out my mat and played around a little bit. I really tuned into my body to see what felt right and what didn’t. Without any judgement or precondition attached. Only feel good movement.

And that’s how my first Prenatal Feel Good Flow was born. A mixture of yoga and stretching that is great for all trimesters. It’s gentle and soothing and will not only allow you to get to know your changing body better but also help you to connect to your baby.

I can’t wait for you to try it! Throw on your comfiest outfit, roll out your mat and let’s feel good together!

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Signatur Madeleine


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