Second Trimester Pregnancy Vlog: Hunger pangs, first flutter + the Truth about Pregnancy Weight Gain

second trimester pregnancy vlog

Happy Monday, loves 💗 Time is flying by and as I’m writing this, I’m almost out of my 2nd trimester. Only a few more months until the baby is here! I’m not really prepared to be honest but can you be ever? Today, in my 2nd trimester pregnancy vlog (check out my first trimester pregnancy vlog if you missed it!) I’m sharing with you how I felt, my eating habits as well as experiencing the first hunger pangs.

I also touch on the subject of pregnancy weight gain, my workout routine, and my obsession with vegan Ben & Jerry’s Peanut butter & Cookies ice cream (anything with peanut butter to be honest). On Friday, we found out the gender which I will share with you soon! 👼🏼

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Signatur Madeleine

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