Happy 2021 – A year of Freedom and Change

happy new year 2021

Happy New Year 2021 🎉✨🥂!

What a whirlwind the last one has been. Do you remember my blog post from last year where I welcomed you to the Golden 20s 2.0? Well, looking back my predictions weren’t too far from the truth. 

The Golden 20s were the answer to the end of World War I, a time of great suffering and withdrawal. 2020 we also faced a war. A war with an invisible enemy that we knew nothing about and that was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. From one second to the next our lives were put upside down.

Things we were used to, that we loved and cherished, were suddenly taken away from us. Our homes became our sanctuary and our prison at the same time. We had to practice social distancing and could only connect to loved ones via Facetime or Zoom. The term ‘zoom fatigue’ was coined as people started spending countless hours in front of their computers talking to colleagues, business partners and the like. We couldn’t travel. We had to celebrate birthdays alone. Face masks became THE new fashion accessory.

Yes, you could say 2020 was weird, to say the least.

fondue on New Years Eve 2020

But it wasn’t all bad and it certainly didn’t happen without reason. Outside noise had to be taken away from us to give us the chance to come back to ourselves. Many people told me that they finally rid themselves of people, obligations, projects, things etc. they had meant to let go off for a long time. With no more distractions filling up our attention, we had to look within. You could say besides all the hardships and adjustments it was the year of a great reset. 

And for me personally, it also brought a lot of joy into my world when we found out that I was pregnant in September. Just a month after I had decided to let of my activewear company to start a new more aligned chapter in my life, God send me this gift. All kinds of emotions were running through me as I thought that I would be in a way different state in my life but now I’m beyond grateful. I feel like this pregnancy has pushed me even further in the right direction. I’m finally embracing my unique gifts and am ready to share them with the world! 

Winter Hike at Spitzingsee, Bavaria, Germany
Ice skating on Spitzingsee in Bavaria, Germany
Beautiful Spitzingsee in Winter

So what can you expect from me this year?

  1. I finally recorded and released the first two episodes of my podcast where I will talk about life as a millennial including health, wellness, spirituality, career, and of course life as a new mom.
  2. I will continue to share my creativity through this blog. Get ready for healthy recipes (pregnancy approved of course), fashion inspo, a little fitness and yoga, wellness topics, spirituality (think astrology, human design, and tarot card readings), and whatever else my manifesting generator personality wants to explore.
  3. I will also continue sharing vlogs over on my YouTube channel so make sure to subscribe.

What I would like to manifest this year:

  1. A successful career using my unique gifts to inspire people to live a more fulfilled life.
  2. My dream house that serves as a sanctuary for my little family as well as a space for me to be inspired and create. 
  3. To travel all over the world for work and take my family with me.
  4. A healthy birth in Spring.
  5. That Roman’s mom successfully wins the battle against lung cancer.

As a 5 Universal year, freedom and change are definitely on the horizon and I can’t wait to dive in and explore what this year has to offer for us individually but also as a collective!

What would you like to call in this year? Share with me in the comments below!

Signatur Madeleine

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