No challenge, no Change: Updates on my life

no challenge no change in fitness and in life

The last three weeks were a rollercoaster of challenges and changes. Mix in a good portion of my nervous gut syndrom and you have yourself a cocktail of emotions. You were probably wondering why it was so quiet on here and on Insta. Let’s start from the beginning.

In the beginning of August, my mom took care of the taxes for my activewear company FABSOUL®. You know that I wanted to extend the leggings line by tops and also introduce new natural fabrics (which I was crazy excited about). I ordered the collection in July one year ago. Right after I had visited the factory in Taiwan.

Their promise to deliver everything in Spring 2020 and before the next fair fashion conference we wanted to attend, wasn’t kept. The first bummer I experienced while working with them. They told me that due to COVID-19 the printing factory in China was closed and couldn’t complete their end of the bargain. March came and then April and I hadn’t even seen all the pre-production samples yet. Only a few bits and pieces here and there that were far from a sellable product (several adjustments in the production process are usual in the fashion industry).

AFter one year I still was nowhere near of selling

To make a long story short, until now (one year (!) later), they weren’t able to deliver. So when my mom saw that we made the downpayment for the collection in July 2019 she urged me to take action and to immediately resign from the contract. A thought that had first formed in my head back in early April when I was presented with yet another set of excuses why certain things wouldn’t work in my collection that were totally doable before.

So, I made the decision to cancel the contract. It was not an easy one, believe me, given all the hard work I had put into this collection so far. From sketching everything, to picking the fabric, and of course flying over to Taiwan to make sure the factory met my standards. But it was also a huge relief to finally have this burden off my back.

Yes, even though it started as a passion project first, all the setbacks that had happened along the way had turned it into a burden.

I’ve never had proper education in fashion design. I’m very creative and I love to design but my lack of knowledge about everything else that goes into creating a fashion line was slowly hunting me.

All I can do is trust at this point

Surprisingly, they immediately agreed to transfer back the whole amount minus what had already went into creating the samples. I think they also knew that taking a year to produce a collection was a little bit too long, even for the crazy slow fashion industry.

Until now I haven’t seen a dime. Only more excuses thrown at me why they couldn’t transfer the money back so far. Yes, there is a pit in my stomach because a) it was not my own money I invested but my boyfriend’s and b) it’s not just a 1000€. I try to let it go as there is nothing in my power I can do about it. I made the decision, well aware of the risk attached. Right now, I can only trust the process that everything that’s meant for me will come. But it’s not easy, you guys!

forest fitness calms your nervous system
I always find the most clarity moving in nature

So let’s see if they’ll keep their promise this time or if it’s yet another dely tactics by them. I will definitely keep you updated!

Besides the money, I also had to decide what to do next. Get a regular 9-to-5 desk job working for someone else after all? I mean, yeah, I somehow have to support myself and if being a business owner is not part of God’s plan for me, so it is.

One door has to close to open a new one

Funnily enough, God/the Universe/your spirit angels whatever you wanna call it always always has your back.

I got the ping one day later to open up a virtual fitness space with my two closest friends. You know I’m a huge fitness and health junkie! That’s one reason why I started this blog, got my fitness trainer certificate last year, and started sharing workout videos on my YouTube channel.

Sometime all it needs for your to go in the right direction is a little outside nudge. Like when you don’t want to listen, everything just gets taken away from you so that you finally are waking up.

I presented the idea to my girls while paddleboarding on a Friday afternoon, and they were immediately hooked. Well, at least one of them because the other already has a full-time job she loves. But she nevertheless agreed to add her unique input to the mix.

it only needs good friends and good food to spark creative ideas
The night we first talked about our fitness venture

A few additional coffee dates later and The Warriors Club was born! Still in the beginning stages but with a clear vision and lots of excitement. I finally feel like I’m back on the right track again.

I guess it must be right when you are excited and scared at the same time

Am I scared as hell to start this new project? Yes, I am! But I don’t let fear come in the way of me shining my light on the world. It’s Leo season after all! We all came here to contribute our specialty to the collective to make the world a better place.

Just do it – the tagline by Nike has been coming up a lot for me lately. Sometimes we just need to switch off our thoughts and just do it!

Imagine Steve Jobs had been too scared to bring the iPhone to the market? How different the world would look now!

Looking at other successful people that have changed the world always helps to believe in your unique ideas, no matter how crazy they might seem right now or how much you doubt your abilities.

I’d be lying if I said my anxiety about the future has vanished over night. With the last three years being far from successful career-wise, my self-esteem has somewhere settled in the basement. But it won’t be there for long, that’s for sure.

Life is always unpredictable as this year has shown us. Even as an employee in a well established company can you lose your job because of an unforseen world crisis or because the demand for what they are offering is suddenly declining.

The best thing you can do is get comfortable with change as it is the only constant in life.

Life is meant to be lived! Be the change you want to see in the world!

No better time to start than on a Monday! Can’t wait to have you with me on this journey!

Signatur Madeleine

3 responses to “No challenge, no Change: Updates on my life”

  1. I’m so sorry you had such a difficult decision to make, but congratulations on The Warriors Club – it sounds fantastic! I think you’re on the right path now. What is meant for you will be 🙂


    1. Thank you very much! Yes, I think so too. Sometimes we need to make tough decisions in order to move forward and grow 🙂


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