My Boho-Style Beach Cruiser Look

boho style beach cruiser look

Last week, I took my beach cruiser on a little spin around Munich. Inspired by the beautiful pictures we’ve taken in the South of France, I was eager to scout similiar locations where I could shoot my fashion looks in the city. Where many might reach for a more sporty outfit (think biker shorts + sports bra), I decided to channel my inner LA girl to create this boho-style beach cruiser look.

fabulous beach cruiser look

The beach cruiser was a gift from my parents for my 25th birthday 5 years ago. Since I first laid eyes on these kinds of bikes in LA, I knew I wanted to have one to look as stylish cruising up and down the beachwalk (or better city streets). I originally opted for a pink bike (because I’m this girly girl). But then I saw this green Hawaiian-style one. Green is actually my favorite color even though it doesn’t seem this way. When it comes to fashion or interior design, I opt for more pastel tones like blush and teal. But I also love nothing more than the rich green of the forest.

how to look fabulous on a beach cruiser

This bike is seriously my dream! I always feel like a beach princess riding it. It is just so me! The only downturn is that it’s not really made for unpaved territory. But that’s ok with me. I mostly use to get around town anyways.

I love the mix of bohemian-style & Southern Chic

To match the spirit of this bike, I picked a rose-colored Bomhemian-style dress and my new favorite tassled denim jacket I bought in Nice. I first wanted to wear sandals but then I decided to wear my white Adidas sneakers with the rose gold metal toe just because it felt more comfortable. Thankfully, pairing sneakers with a more feminine dress has been streetworthy for a while now (not that I would ever care what’s in style, fashion for me is more about self-expression and what feels right to me in the moment).

hippie dress blush with gold and boho denim jacket
boho dress rose with gold

Dressed like this, I hopped onto the bike and made my way around town. Luckily, my parents also thought to add a matching basket to the beach cruiser. Thus, my loved LV bag (I never go anywhere without it) was stored safely in the front along with my phone (very neccessary to capture all the good spots).

fabulous beach cruiser outfit

In the end, I didn’t find any spots I liked but nonetheless had a fab day. I realized how easy it is to get around Munich by bike and I it was a great workout, too (so great that I fell asleep totally satisfied that night). I will definitely take my bike more often now. Because seriously, sitting in public transportation wearing a mask for 30 minutes or more is not really what I call comfortable travel.

boho dress blush with gold details fabulous beach cruiser outfit
rose bohemian style dress with tasseled denim jacket
tasseled denim jacket with lace Antica Sartoria
lace denim jacket Antica Sartoria
Electra beach cruiser Hawaii green with basket

Outfit Details

I bought the dress at a small boutique in Juan-les-Pins but you can find similiar ones below. The denim jacket is from Antica Sartoria and is currently 50% off! This is the label I also bought my yellow crop top from. It is seriously so comfy and looks as good with a dress as it does with a more sporty look (as you can see below).

tassled denim jacket paired with yoga leggings
Wearing the Antica Sartoria denim jacket with the Go With The Flow Yoga Leggings by FABSOUL®

Wishing you a fab Monday!

Signatur Madeleine

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