Fit Friday: Fabulous Inner Thigh Workout ❤ 15-minutes to tight & Toned Legs

fitness girl laying on a mat on the side doing fabulous inner thigh workout

I posted the Fabulous Inner Thigh Workout last Friday on my YouTube channel. But since I wanted to make room for the #blacklivesmatter movement, I decided to not post it on here at this time.

After thinking about how I wanted to move forward with my content, I decided that I serve best sharing my fitness and wellness tips with you guys. Taking care of your body and your mind will teach you to love yourself more. This, in turn, enables you to give more love to others.

I believe that we all perform best in things we love the most. I created this platform because I’m passionate about health and wellness related topics and because I love sharing my insights with you. Other people are passionate about human rights or politics, and have thus created a platform on their own to share and educate on those topics.

Not one is better than the other as we are all equally needed in the world. We can all contribute to a better world by staying true to ourselves and sharing our unique gifts and talents.

But in order to do that, you have to take care of yourself first. And that’s where I come in. You see how the circle closes?

This workout is seriously one of my favorites I shot so far! Not only do I love to work my inner thighs (besides my lower abs) but I also used our little outside terrace as a setup for the first time. Nothing better than moving your body in nature!

So if you can, take your mat outside, press play on this fabulous inner thigh workout, and let’s feel fit & fabulous together!

Signatur Madeleine

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