Insta feed healthy makeover

Give your Insta Feed a Healthy Makeover

May 22, 2019

I recently found myself being a little fed up with social media. Scrolling through Instagram left me feeling drained instead of uplifted or inspired. I knew it was time to give my Insta feed a healthy makeover and rid it of any accounts that made me feel bad about myself.

Luckily, there are a few people out there who use their voice to uplift others and spread positivity. And I don’t mean in an exclusive kind of way. Because this also is a thing.

Ever talked to a vegan and felt bad about yourself because you love cheese and the occasional meat? Exactly! Some people that probably mean good at the core, get so narrow-minded (sometimes borderline fanatic) about it that they start to condemn everyone who thinks differently. 

A true teacher/influencer/leader talks about a topic by also accepting and taking into account other opinions and lifestyles. It’s never healthy to be too far on one side, always stay in the middle (Buddha already taught that).

And remember, only follow accounts that post about what interests you.

Alright, without further ado, find below my favorite Instagram accounts that are worth following if you just want to feel good about yourself: 


Luckily, she is a big one! And one of the only popular fitness trainers I know who openly talks about her own body struggle and the pressure to look a certain way in the fitness industry. Her content is always funny and relatable. No wonder that she is loved by so many people.


This one is also a biggie. I think I first heard of her on a podcast episode. She started the @i_weigh movement which I absolutely love. She focuses on spreading the message that everyone is worth more than the number on the scale and provides a platform for that.


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What does it mean to be strong? Some define strength based on physical power, but today I watched @lauraBPilates patiently teach her husband (brain injured in an accident ) relearn something as simple as sitting up on his own. That is strength. Muscles are physical strength, but unconditional love and patience to care for a family member or the one to whom you made a vow before God, is strength on another level . 📌 . Strength is having the courage to do the things that scare you. Strength is feeling fear and taking massive action despite it. Strength is allowing yourself to trust knowing you could be hurt. To be strong is to face your problems head on. Strength is saying “I messed up and I’m so sorry!” Strength is asking for help. Strong is forgiving someone for the pain they caused you. . 📌 . Strength is the mental fortitude required to move past your past and take responsibility for everything that happens from this point forward. Strength is the willpower it takes to build muscle and care for your body like the gift that it is. Strong is the couple who adopt after trying years to conceive on their own. . 📌 . Strength is laying down your life to defend your country @thepatricksweeney. Strong is the teammate battling cancer treatment but showing up with a smile and a hat to hide her thinning hair. (Love you Allyson. Strength is the mother who smiles for her remaining child while grieving the deep loss of a baby love you @krystalshiela ! ) . 📌 . That kind of strength doesn’t show up in a before and after photo. That strength is quiet. That strength is real. Muscles might get lots of likes but inner strength earns true respect. . 📌 . Whose strength inspires you? Tag them below. Share their story with us

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I recently discovered her through the @thekelseyshow on youtube where she was addressing unhealthy behaviors in the fitness industry. She is determined to get rid of labeling such as ‘cheat days’ and instead focuses on restoring the female self-worth.


These two girls give fitness and healthy eating tips while not advertising any unhealthy body images. They debunk myths about diets. Their line says it all: You can’t hate yourself healthy!


Jessica Sepel went through the typical body dysmorphia crisis so many women deal with. Even though she had always been beautiful, she couldn’t see it herself and went into an exercise and clean eating craze. Now she develops healthy recipes and promotes the Un-Diet Method. 


I actually mostly adore her for the cute yoga/pilates flows with her kids. Truly adorable how much love she gives her kids while still taking care of herself and being an amazing role model. 


Lee Hersh has also gone through a period of exercise and anorexia addiction. Now she uses her blog to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle without regret.


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Positivity is a subject that comes up a lot in conversations, and I get asked how I stay positive. Long story short, there was a time in my life not too long ago that this wasn’t the case. I would bring work stress home with me, then get frustrated by traffic or whatever other uncontrollable factor, and dwell on that even more. When I realized venting about these really unimportant, no big deal things, affected not only myself but also the others I was around, I knew it needed to change🙏🏼. Think about this: When your phone dies and you have no one to complain to, you never end up complaining at all. The day goes on, life goes on, and things get better, right? 😉 – Learning to let go is so much easier said than done, BUT so is realizing that your negativity affects others as much as positivity can. Good vibes are infectious and it’s magnetic💫. Put out that incredible and radiant energy and it finds its way back to you, I truly believe that. When I created Bun Undone I knew I wanted to voice realness but also keep things upbeat and positive. Putting out that message has resulted in me actually feeling more positive too. We’re all a work in progress, not everything is always great, and it’s okay to have bad days, but I also believe there is always something to smile about, it’s just how you look at it.🙃💓✨ #positivevibes #mondaymood / 📸: @paigebabilla

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I know this cutie from the Tone It Up community. She won one of their challenges and used her new gained following to show the real, raw and sometimes messy site of human life while still promoting a healthy balance. 


I love how openly these two power women talk about being bigger in a world of fat shaming and create a space where everyone feels valued, no matter the size, color or gender. And that health doesn’t necessarily have anything do with size. 

There you have it, my favorite inspirational Insta accounts that will give your Insta feed a healthy makeover. I bet there are many more out there and I’m always looking to make my feed more positive and inclusive.

So, write away, sista, and let me know whom I missed in the comments below!

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I'm Madeleine and I have a passion for luxury fashion, food, travel and the latest in fitness & wellness! I started this blog to make your life a little more colorful & fabulous.

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I'm Madeleine and I have a passion for luxury fashion, food, travel and the latest in fitness & wellness! I started this blog to make your life a little more colorful & fabulous. Read More

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