Honey – The Natural Magic Potion

I could never be a vegan. Not because I love meat so much or I can’t live without cheese (latter being the truth) but because I LOVE honey. I love how it gives every dish and beverage just the right amount of sweetness. But above all, I love it because of its many health benefits.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the antibacterial and wound healing properties of honey already1. Having a sore throat? Drink lemon tea with honey or just eat it raw.

honey and bee pollen are a great remedy for Spring allergies

In my family, we have a teaspoon of honey right in the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach for good health. I also sweet everything with honey from my morning coffee to my matcha latte or any baked goods.

What I didn’t know until recently is that honey is also a natural remedy for people suffering from pollen allergy. I don’t suffer from it and so does no one in my family, but my boyfriend does.

His father is affected by it too and suddenly I heard from many people around me that they get runny noses and red eyes in early Spring (selective perception at its finest). 

One day, my mother told my boyfriend to eat locally sourced honey on an empty stomach to fight his pollen allergy. I don’t know where she got this knowledge from, but she is naturally very wise and I’m oftentimes surprised by how much she knows.

It worked to my surprise! His dad also started eating honey in preperation for Spring season and he, too, stopped getting allergy rashes.

My boyfriend is allergy free for the fourth year in a row now. He will get an occasional runny nose which is not worth mentioning compared to what he was going through before.

Lavender Honey is great in fighting off any bacterias

He hasn’t solely eaten local honey but a variety of types from French lavender honey to German honey. My believe is that any honey works. But if you want to make sure, stick to locally produced honey. Also make sure that no sugar water or any other fillers are added. It may cost you a little more but is well worth it. 

I have told many people about it since then and only heard back positive results. I know that a popular study conducted by the University of Connecticut in 20022 didn’t yield any results. And I couldn’t find any other study that backs up the thesis. But even if it is a mere placebo effect, if it helps, I wouldn’t further question it. And one thing is for sure, it’s way better to eat 1 teaspoon of honey then stuff yourself with chemicals. 

If you recently got off birth control and are dealing with hormonal issues, check out the video below. I share my own experiences with Manuka honey from New Zealeand playing an important role in getting everything back in balance.

Do you have any experiences with honey fighting off pollen allergy or have you used honey as medicine before? Let me know in the comments.

  1. Molan, P.C. The evidence supporting the use of honey as a wound dressing. Int. J. Low. Extrem. Wounds, 2006, 5, 40–54.
  2. Rajan, T.V. et al., Effect of ingestions of honey on symptoms rhinoconjunctivitis. Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol, 2002, 88 (2), 198-203.

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